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5 Tips for Staying Healthy This Festive Season

The silly season can lead to a complete health blowout - if you let it. So, we’ve put together a few tips that can be simply introduced to your day-to-day routine to keep you healthy (whilst still enjoying yourself). Let’s celebrate the festivities with a good balance of indulgence and healthiness.

Don’t skip out on breakfast (or any meals, for that matter)

Your first meal of the day is crucial to the way your meals to follow will pan out. You may skip out on breakfast, thinking if you save the calories for sweet treats later in the day, then you are doing yourself a favour. In fact, you may be doing the exact opposite. Make yourself a decent sized, healthy breakfast, such as a breakfast fruit bowl or an egg muffin, to avoid overindulging in sugary snacks mid morning. If your first meal of the day is nutritionally balanced, you are likely to feel full for longer, avoiding the temptation of a not so healthy snack. Want a recipe for disaster? Fill up on calorie-filled sweets and treats, rather than your usual nutritionally fueled lunch. It’s super easy to fill up on high-calorie snacks (especially when they’re abundant during this period), but you will miss out on the goodness of a healthy meal, potentially leading to a sugar crash and overeating to fill the void. Our advice, just don’t skip your usual meals.

Keep hydrated (with liquid other than cocktails)

Mistaking thirst for hunger is super easy to do, especially with the amount of sugary and salty treats on offer paired with the warmer weather. A simple, yet delicious way to combat this is to keep a large jug (filled with slices of lemon, lime or other fruits of your choice) on your bench at all times, and continually top it up with water. Having the jug in your line of sight will remind you to top up your glass throughout the day, ensuring you’re staying well hydrated.

Find your favourites, and stick with them

Sure, choosing only a few treats to indulge in may seem near impossible at this time of year. But, if you are wanting to retain some level of self-control, it may be easiest to pick your indulgences. Whilst there is no end to the treats available during this period, especially if you’re attending social events or doing your own baking at home, pick a few favourites and allow yourself to eat what you most enjoy. If you dabble in baking, avoid over-catering, or opt to send your treats home with some of your guests, to avoid overeating once the party is over.

Choose light

So, you’ve been invited to yet another food fest… Summer BBQ’s, cocktail parties, and friends gathering. Sounds fun, but you’ve been asked to bring along a dish, and can’t seem to choose one that will be delicious, but still relatively healthy. Try choosing a lighter salad, something that goes easy on the dressing (remembering fresh is best). Or maybe choose a brown rice salad, noodle salad or something that will fill the void. These nutrient rich, healthy salad choices are always great to have during the holiday season.

If I can’t see it, it can’t tempt me

Whilst keeping your precious baked goods or sweet treats on display may be tempting, it often means that you will grab one each time you walk by or find yourself standing in that general area. Opt for storing your goods in another location (such as the fridge, freezer or pantry) to forego continual temptation. Extra bonus points are awarded to these choices of storage, as they keep your treats fresh for longer.

We hope you will try out some of these tips to maintain your health during the holiday season. Stay safe and well, warm wishes from the team at Love Shake Australia.