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Are plant based protein powders good for your health?

Vegetarians and vegans worldwide have survived and thrived on plant-sourced proteins for hundreds of years. Meat, dairy and animal sources have always been advertised as the prime source for humans to get enough protein in their diets. However, plant-based protein is just as excellent and protein-packed. 

Protein shakes have recently become very popular as a source of protein, especially for those with a more active lifestyle. And they are becoming a necessity for vegans and vegetarians to get more proteins into their diets. Plant-based protein powders are often made with pea, hemp, rice and soy. 


Why NOT Whey Protein?

Traditional protein shakes are derived from whey, a dairy product. Dairy is a known allergen that causes digestive distress and even triggers hives in some sufferers. Surprisingly, up to 75% of non-caucasian and 5% of caucasian Australians are lactose intolerant! The statistics reveal that a large population of the country cannot digest dairy. Yet, it is still popular and used widely across the nation.

Apart from whey proteins being allergens, they are also environmentally unsustainable. This is because dairy farming is responsible for mass land clearing and excessive water usage and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. 


Why are Plant-Based Proteins Better for health?

Some studies have found that gut bacteria in our guts are highly influenced by the types of food that we eat. Evidence suggests that probiotics, or good gut bacteria, are more prevalent in people who have plant-based diets. An imbalance of good bacteria in your gut can cause digestive issues and has even been linked to obesity.

Maintaining enough protein in a vegan diet is to incorporate more protein-rich food such as leafy green vegetables, beans, peas, and lentils and supplement your diet with plant-based protein powders. 

Love Shake’s pea isolate and rice protein powder (especially pea protein isolate) combine to create a ‘complete protein’. Complete proteins include essential amino acids vital for our bodies to function correctly. These ingredients are naturally hypoallergenic, which means they are safe for most allergy sufferers.