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Develop a Morning Routine That’ll Stick

You have probably heard that a healthy breakfast is one of the essential parts of your morning routine - and that's because everything that you eat in the morning will set you up to conquer the day ahead.

But this notion doesn't end with your morning meal. Everything you do in your morning routine will set the tone for the rest of the day. So, if a successful morning is a catalyst that you need to achieve your goals, then ensuring that your morning is productive is paramount. 

The key to having a successful, productive morning is finding what works best for you and making sure that you're doing it consistently. 


How to set a morning routine 

Longevity is vital when it comes to your morning routine. So pick some morning routine ideas from our list below that you think could slot in seamlessly for your morning routine, and stick to them. We suggest that you choose the things you can imagine being a constant in your life.

  1. Start your morning routine the night before
  2. Set one alarm and stick to it
  3. Eat right and don't skimp out on breakfast 
  4. Journal in the morning 
  5. Exercise (morning jog, swim, walk, yoga etc.)
  6. Take a cold shower 
  7. Meditate.


Create a morning routine that suits YOU

There are loads of morning routine ideas that you can easily add to create a successful morning ritual that'll boost your productivity levels and set you up for the day ahead. 

But here is the real magic; the only thing that matters is to come up with a routine that works for you and you only. Then commit to it every day. 

So delete all those extra alarms from your phone, lay out your clothes and pack your gym bag. Get started tomorrow!