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Love Shake: FAQ’s

You’ve asked, so we’re here to answer. Below we will touch on some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, to give you a well rounded understanding of us here at Love Shake Australia. We encourage you to continually ask us questions and we will endeavour to answer them as quickly and informatively as possible.

What is your protein powder made from?

The base of our protein powder formula is a 60/40 blend between Premium Quality Rice and Pea Protein. Additionally, we have added fibre to aid in digestion, along with Stevia, as a natural sweetener. Our products contain NO dairy, NO wheat, NO lactose and NO gluten (you’re welcome).

What are the benefits of Plant-Based Protein?

The health benefits of consuming plant-based protein are endless. These protein options can help with: metabolism boosting, weight loss, reduced allergies, reduced inflammation, aided digestion, bulk vitamins and minerals, whilst being a solid source of protein.

Refer to our blogs “Plant-Powered: What to look for in Vegan Protein Powders” and “What’s in our Choc Hazelnut Protein Powder and why it’s so good for your health” for an in-depth write-up on the benefits of plant-based protein.

What flavours do you have?

Currently, we have two delicious Love Shake flavours. The Choc Hazelnut and Creamy Vanilla are available for purchase in either the 1kg pack size or 40g sample bags. However, be sure to stay tuned for the release of new Love Shake flavours in the near future… (trust us, they’ll be worth waiting for).

How much is shipping?

Currently, we charge a flat rate of $14 for shipping within Australia, for our 1kg pack sizes.

What is the best way to contact you?

We love hearing from you! Get in touch with us via email at, or chat with us on our social platforms, and we will strive to get back to you as soon as we can. Get social and join our communities on FB and Insta @LoveShakeAustralia. Thank you for supporting Love Shake Australia, we appreciate you all ♥️