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New Year, New You, New Goals

A new year is the best time to hit reset and start living your life the way you’ve always wanted. The journey to achieving all of your goals and desires starts with making the right resolutions.

Tips on creating and achieving your goals for 2022

You may already have a few New Year resolutions planned out, or perhaps you need a little more planning time. Either way, let’s talk about how to choose New Year’s resolutions that are realistic and attainable.

List your goals

The first step to creating your new goals involves narrowing down your wants and needs. This list should consist of things that will benefit both you and those around you, so think about what kind of changes could be the most beneficial for the upcoming year.
Once you have decided on your goals, write them down. The act of physically writing down your goals (and looking at them often) keeps them front of mind which is more powerful than just thinking about them in your head.

Create SMART goals

Each goal can be tailored towards your interests and needs - whether it be a club focused on mental health, new healthier recipe ideas or a new workout routine. One of the most important aspects of making a New Year’s resolution is setting yourself up for success by ensuring that your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.
For example, a smart goal can sound like, “I want to lose 10kg by the end of the year”.
In the example, you have a specific number in mind (10kg) that’s measurable and realistic. It’s also relatively achievable if you put in the work. You also have a time set on when you want to achieve your goal.

Break down your goals into small, actionable steps

Whether you’re trying out a new sport for the first time or learning a new instrument, these goals are not likely to happen overnight. On the other hand, maybe you do have what it takes to stick with one daunting task until its completion? If so, small goals are perfect because they are achievable. They also won’t take too long before you can see progress.

Write an action plan

A good way to follow through with your goals is to frequently write an action plan. An action plan will help break down what you need to do to accomplish your goals into smaller manageable tasks. That way, they won’t seem so daunting or overwhelming.
We hope this helps create your new goals and how to follow through with them! The team at Love Shake would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and bring on 2022!