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Staying Healthy During the Easter Holidays

Easter is synonymous with easter bunnies, decorated eggs and chocolate! But how can you stay healthy when there are temptations at every corner for four days straight (and the weeks leading up to Easter break)? 


Eat Easter Chocolates in Moderation

Easter is when we are showered with delicious Hot Cross Buns, Easter chocolates and other baked goods. You can enjoy treats in moderation - by keeping track of your daily intake of the goodies you’re eating. Keep some, and share the rest! If you’re struggling to avoid the temptation, why not share them with friends, family, or co-workers?


Eat Balanced Meals

Eating too much carb-rich food during the holiday season is all too common. Baked goods, cheesy food and sugary drinks are consumed at almost every meal-time (and in-between). This can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and could be the beginning of bad eating habits once the holidays are over. This is because you may begin to crave food that is high in fat and carbs. By replacing two meals with healthy alternatives daily, you can reduce the amount of ‘bad food’ you will consume. 


Substitute Sweet Treats for Fruits

It’s easy to reach for the sweet treats at your disposal, but it may be better to substitute some of them for fruit instead. Fruits not only contain sugars, but they also contain fibre and other nutrients that are beneficial for health and digestion. It will satisfy your sugar cravings without excess consumption.


Opt for a Healthy Easter

You can always choose to celebrate Easter this year with a healthy approach. Avoid buying Easter chocolates altogether or opt for dark chocolate alternatives. If you are going away on a family trip, don’t take soft drinks or sweet treats along with you. If you don’t have them at your disposal, you won’t consume them!

You can always join in the festivities if you have children with Easter Egg hunts, painting on Eggshells and other fun activities without the excess sugar hit!


Don’t Skip on Exercise

Sugars are converted by your body into fat and stored as ‘energy reserves’. It is important to get rid of this excess fat by exercising regularly during the holiday period. Don’t get rid of your normal exercise routine during the holidays. If you don’t have access to a gym close by, opt for a morning or evening walk or try these home workouts

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